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SAMSKRITHAM commonly written as Sanskrit,is the oldest language in the world. The word literally means "purified" or "cultured". It is the mother of most of the Indian languages. There are bodily borrowings from this language by other Indian Languages. Modern linguists identify it as one of the original Indo-European languages. The nearness of Latin words to SAMSKRITHAM words is very interestig.

Mahaabhaaratham, like other ancient works,was written in this language.

In India, it is believed and considered to be the language of the Gods.Hence its name Deva-bhaasha (Deva=God,bhaasha=language).It was the official languge of ancient India. Even till recently, almost all princely states honoured it as official and sacred language.

It has a proud treasure of comprehensive grammar and vast literature to its credit.The first books in human library, The Vedas were composed in this language. Its literature covers all walks of life- science,thought,poetry,music,philosophy,dance,medicine,art,fiction,grammar,linguistics,humour and what not? It caught the fancy of literary stalwarts all over the world.

However, at present, its usage in India has become limited - thanks to the negligence of Govt - to religious occassions and easy_scoring curricular packages.

A brief note about meter in Samskritham. is provided as a link to help the readers understand the basics of meter in Samskritham. Follow this link to know the basics about meter in Samskritham.